Thursday, September 4, 2014

A New Sketch

I like to give myself a visual of my characters.  This guy is innocent and curious, and not human at all.  He came about, oddly enough, while I was trying to write about a teenage elf assassin.  Maybe my subconscious has something against assassins?


  1. {thoughtful look} I agree. If he's an assassin, he's extremely good at his job. He doesn't look like he'd assassinate anyone. That's exactly how an assassin wants to look, but can rarely pull off. {BROAD SMILE, wink}

  2. Thanks. :) Actually, this isn't my assassin. What happened was, I was trying to make my teen elf assassin less human. I gave him better eyesight and a stronger sense of smell and before I knew it he was climbing walls and acting more like a goblin than an elf, and his narrative voice was changing, and I realized... this isn't my teen elf assassin anymore but whoever he is, he sure is interesting. So the elf assassin story went into my drawer for later. I named my new character Skeet. (The assassin is Blondel.) I'm about fifty pages in and have a pretty clear idea where I'm going. It's exciting because I hadn't had a new idea in what felts like a long time. These past two years while dad was sick I was mostly polishing old stuff and suspecting that I would never come up with a creative thought again. Sometimes its nice to be wrong. :)

    1. I see, so this really is a different character. {Smile}

      {HUGS} I think I've told you before to give yourself time. I'm having to do the same. {Soft Smile}

      It's roughly a year ago that I lost my friend Jennifer... Occasionally I can write a little. More often I can't. Seems odd, since I was writing great the summer we knew she was dying of cancer... {bite lips} But... then I was trying to finish up one or two stories she'd helped me with a lot. I DID so want to show her the completed stories, with the last few scenes in at least rough form. I did so, too, with the longest story I've ever completed.. I was hoping to have more time to spare, but she read and enjoyed the completed first draft, and even the first full revision. She was too tired to help revise the revision, but she read it, and told me she'd enjoyed it. {Smile}

      Your writing will come back, as mine will, too. Even if there are fits and starts and dry spells, it will come back. Healing takes time, but it happens. {WARM SMILE, SQUEEZE}

  3. I am so glad your friend was able to read the ending, even if it was the first draft. It would be horrible to have someone you love die with a story unfinished because you'd always had a hole there when you read over your work. It must make the story special to have so many memories of her tied up in it -even the sad ones. (Hugs)