Monday, May 26, 2014


Me and my brother, Justin, backstage in costume as Septimus and Cornelia, a Roman Centurion and his wife.

The play is over.  Our final performance was last Friday.  As always, it was a journey of self-discovery.  I discovered that I'm allergic to mascara.  Since I don't generally wear makeup it wasn't that heartbreaking of a discovery.  I did spend a couple days looking like a football player -only with red rash lines under my eyes instead of black paint.

This was definitely the biggest, most intense play I've ever been involved in.  My previous acting experience was backyard plays with my brothers and a few friends.  Practices happened whenever we could get together, and performance dates were decided once we had things pretty much down.  Adjusting to a strict schedule and a cast of more than five people was a bit of a culture shock.  We were actually interviewed by the Frederick News Post.  (Okay, I wasn't personally interviewed and if you look up the article you won't find my name anywhere.  But still.  A newspaper article.  We're practically famous!)

The most amazing thing is how God brought just the right people in to help- and how we all knew that we had been called to this.  We never would have reached the performance without that because -trust me- everything that could possibly go wrong did.  We had people dealing with sickness, we had schedule conflicts and props that had to be built at the last moment.  I think our director lost about a month's worth of sleep.  Just about everyone was discouraged at one point or another by how massive the task was, and how inadequate we were.  I know God was with us, because I still can't figure out how we pulled it off.  We were completely at the end of our abilities and God just said `here, let Me handle it.' 

And now I want to sleep for a week.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That's a great picture. {SMILE}

    Most plays I've been associated with seemed too big to pull off at one or more points along the way, tho they usually work out. Sounds like this one may have been trickier than usual, but it worked out, too. Like you said, God took care of what mere humans couldn't, {SMILE}

    Enjoy your sleep. I'm just sorry I didnt' catch this sooner. I really should have. {Warm Smile}


  2. I'm glad you caught it now. :) I got a bit of rest, and now I'm catching up on all the house work I let slide while I was busy with the play! (Ei yi yi! It's absurd how quickly the place falls apart when I'm doing other things.)