Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Those of you who have been following my blog are aware that I have a soft spot for plays.  I'm actually involved in one now.  (As in, I have a lovely role that I should be off memorizing.)  The play is about Jesus' ministry and will be performed this spring at the Nazarene Church in Frederick.   

There, I managed to sound all announcer-y,  which wasn't my intent.  What I really wanted to talk about was ripples- the way you'll sometimes realize that the stone you tossed into the pool years ago brushed ripples against all these other lives.

Back when I was young some friends and I did a fair bit of backyard theater for our parents and whoever else we could grab and force to watch.  One of those friends is now directing this church play (which is how I heard about it, incidentally).  I like to think that back when we were hanging sheets in the garage, God was watching us work but also looking at the moment I've just now reached in linear time, and planning, way back then, how one would affect the other.  Maybe also looking to moments I haven't reached yet.  

It's not that often I get to look back on a piece of my life and see God's foreshadowing.  Life is so messy the patterns aren't always obvious while you're in the middle of them.  But when that happens, it's just an amazing thing.    


  1. That is neat. You're right that it's hard to spot the connections a lot of the time. So many other things get in the way in between. It's neat when they do pop out like that. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. I think I've been looking a little harder since Dad died. :)

  3. My daughter, who will turn thirteen in two days, just adores Shakespeare. I got her a box set of five tragedies on DVD for her birthday. I can't wait to see her with it. I will show her how to follow along the DVD with the play so she can be a true Shakespeare geek.

    One of her favorite Christmas presents--just behind the ipad, I think--is a box set of 10 of Shakespeare's plays, each in its own thin paperback. She has memorized the opening lines of Macbeth, and large tracts of Romeo and Juliet.

    She has Autism and has a difficult time with reading comprehension, but she adores poetry so I decided to go ahead and introduce her to the Bard. Somehow, even though she struggles to read Nancy Drew, I knew she would do well with it. It was a bit of Mommy Intuition that I am particularly proud of. :)

    Sorry for the aside--what is this mysterious role you will be playing?

  4. No need to be sorry for the aside. I enjoy hearing about your life. :) I'm glad your Mommy Intuition is in top form. (I almost said Mommy Senses are tingling.) We need more Shakespeare Geeks in the world!

    As for the mysterious role- it's only mysterious because the play is an original one (not written by me. The author is a close friend). The play is about several Jewish slaves during the time of Christ, and the affect Christ's ministry had on their lives. I get to play the Roman mistress of the house.