Saturday, December 4, 2010

An apology, and a really cool link

Today is the Saturday before finals week and I desperately need to study so today's topic is... nonexistent.  I am sorry.  I did find something really awesome I wanted to share with you, though.  It's a website run by Young Adult author, Katherine Langrish.  On Fridays she has guest authors post about how their favorite fairy-tales influenced their writing.  I've added a link to the interviews  here.  They are really worth checking out.  Have fun.


  1. Considering that it is the Saturday before finals week, things are actually pretty relaxed for me at the moment. Enough so that I have finally found the time to look up your blog (that and the fact that I found the URL again) Looks like some pretty interesting stuff you got on here.

    Your biggest little brother.

  2. Hey big little bro. :) Good to hear from you. I intend to attach a URL connection to Facebook as soon as I figure out how. (Sigh.)