Monday, October 15, 2012


I was thinking about how much I love the plot to `It's a Wonderful Life.'  Not the movie so much (it always bothered me that the Jimmy Stewart character never got to travel like he'd always dreamed of doing) but the idea of one character's absence having such an effect on the world around them.  It's a fun thing to play with in your own stories when you happen to feel insomniac (like this week for instance.  Sigh.)  You get to ask yourself what would change?  Who would be most affected?  Of course, in a `save the world story' the answer might be too obvious.  `Everything is now an apocalyptic wasteland.  Then end.  Is it really one in the morning?  Can't believe I have to work tomorrow.'  If you dig a little, though, there might be all kinds of more personal changes; someone who didn't get a word of encouragement when they needed it most.  The little old lady who hurts her hip because the hero wasn't around to mow her lawn.  There's something warm and fuzzy about the way people interconnect.  (And if you find nothing would change, you can always cut the character.)


  1. That's a good way of figuring out who the important characters are. {Smile}

    Thanks. I hadn't thought that part thru. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. You're welcome. I suspect I've been watching too many science fiction TV shows with alternating timelines. Gets me thinking in certain directions... :)